Welcome to the Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO) open access online mapping application. This application is designed to assist employers, Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) and any other stakeholders with mapping their jobs to occupations. The ultimate purpose of the application is to make it simpler and easier for employers to find their occupations on the OFO. This will ensure that more accurate occupational data is provided to the SETAs. By providing more accurate data regarding occupations to the relevant SETA the right skills can be provided to employers at the right time.

This application was made possible through funding provided by BankSETA and Services SETA. Please take note that the government department responsible for the OFO is the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

User Guide

This application utilises data from OFO 2019. It will be updated when a new version of the OFO is released by DHET. When searching for occupations all the information contained on the 2019 version of the OFO will be searched. Occupations can be searched for at the occupational title level or the task level. It is recommended that users shift between the two in order to find the best possible match.

Once tasks and/or an occupational title has been entered the results that will be generated have been limited to 10 per page in order to avoid confusion. By clicking on any given occupation the full occupation profile page will be displayed. The OFO profile contains the following information: occupational title and 6 digit code, purpose (known as “descriptor” in OFO terminology), common tasks of the occupation at unit level, specialisations cum alternate titles, whether it is a green occupation and/or trade and where it fits in the overall OFO structure.

Users need to read the occupation profile and will possibly be required to read 2—3 profiles in order to find the best possible match. The quality of the data entered into the search bars will determine how many profiles need to be read in order to find the best possible match. Previously users had to manually sift through the DHET spreadsheets in order to find an occupation. Researchers from Wits REAL determined that it could take up 2 to 3 hours to find the best possible match on the OFO for a given job. This application aims to reduce that process to a few minutes.

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As with any search engine, no matter how sophisticated, the quality of data provided determines the quality of the results generated. If for instance, you were to enter “training” into a popular search engine tens or hundreds of millions of results would be provided. By entering “advanced aluminium welder training Gauteng” the results are drastically reduced and much more accurate. The same principle applies to this application.

If after repeated efforts an occupation is not found please fill in your details and a brief description of the occupation that needs to be added, removed or updated on the contact page.

Please note that only after multiple employers have requested an update and after sufficient justification has been provided can occupation on the OFO be updated. The information that you provide is essential for this process.

This is version 1.0 and it is envisaged that future versions will be developed as and when the need arises. The world of work and occupations is for ever-evolving and this application will assist with staying abreast of these changes. If the site is down users will be notified in advance.

Thank you for choosing to use this application.